Current Series

Building a Better Church

Walking through the book of Philippians with Jeff Dover.

USER ID: jesus@me.*

Where do we see our identity in Christ? In our home? In our workplace? Let's look at our USER ID together.

From Jihad to Jesus

Special guest, Al Fadi, presents his story of coming to Christ in this 2-part story.

The Other One Anothers

You've heard of "love one another." But there are some other "one anothers" in Scripture that may not be as familiar but can revolutionize your relationships.

Bring One

Ordinary people doing an ordinary thing that anyone can do changed the world. We're going to school on some of these people in Scripture.

Pride's Pretense

Pride's Pretense: Too Lofty To Be Brought Low

When so many of our needs seem to be routinely met by our own devices, we are easily lulled into a sense of self-sufficiency, thinking perhaps God is nonessential to everyday life. Obadiah is an eye-opener.

Sounds Good, But...

Modern Movements with Hidden Hooks. Why question a modern social justice movement that targets racism and inequality? Why question a brand of Christianity that is progressive and nonjudgmental and embraces doubt? Why question a modern self-concept that provides new freedom and identity? Here's why.