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New to us? we're happy you're here!

At Moon Valley, we understand that church comes with some expectations, and sometimes none at all, so we strive to be different. We desire to be relationally safe; a place you can come JUST AS YOU ARE. We also strive to create a biblically sound experience. Our weekly preaching will not only encourage you for the week to come, but also TEACH and INSTRUCT you in God's word as well! So come over and visit, we're confident you'll discover Moon Valley to be SAFE & SOUND church! 

What am i getting into?


You'll be greeted at the door with a warm, friendly smile. Come check out a service. There are no expectations, so come as you are and experience how we do church!  

MVKids & MVStudents

For those south of 18, you can expect a morning packed with fun and learning in our MVKids and MVStudent ministries. Kids at Moon Valley can't help but want to stay and play on the indoor playground, while middle and high school students love to hang out in the MVStudents room! 

Hot Coffee @ The Cafe

All refreshments at Moon Valley are free! Simply head to the cafe to casually start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or other options. Don't worry, we don't mind; just make yourself at home! 

More Than A Church

Moon Valley's purpose isn't just to exist as four walls and an entrance. We strive to reach beyond, to our neighbors and community, in an effort to show the love of Christ to all. We encourage you after services to pay a visit to our neighbors as well and enjoy all that Moon Valley Plaza has to offer! 


15602 N. 7TH ST. PHOENIX, AZ 85022

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