Current Series

Living Like He's Coming

The 30-year-old classic management book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen Covey has sold over 40 million copies. Habit 2 has become iconic: Begin with the end in mind, but this basic idea is not new. It is reflected in the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, which is the basis for the sermon series, “Living Like He’s Coming,” in which we will explore this and other original, life-changing ideas.

God, You Confuse Me

sense. Things don't add up. God doesn't seem to answer our prayers. Bad people prosper. Good people suffer. And ones dear to us are facing a tragedy that may take us down with them.

A prophet named Habakkuk knows what it's like. It confuses him. It ticks him off. It shakes his faith. So, he takes his complaint straight to God and unloads both barrels.

It's a questioning journey that takes him from confusion to confidence. And we get to follow his footsteps. Join us as we study our way through the book of Habakkuk. 


At one time or another we have all wished for a windfall but the wonderful truth is that God has provided us with the greatest windfall of all—the power of His resurrection.

NOW I SEE (Season 2)

Same Series, New Look!

Deadened by the daily grind, drifting in a sea of confusing cultural ideologies, blinded by what we’ve always been taught or been told, we wonder. What is true? What is real? What is the meaning of all this? Why all the suffering and injustice? How can I find fulfillment? How can I make a difference? How can I live without regrets?

Jesus gives signs. The signs point to a new, full life that he offers. But neither Jesus nor the signs nor the new life fit into the tidy religious box of our expectations. And so they are easily misread or distorted or dismissed altogether. They demand openness. And eyes to see. And faith.

The Gospel of John was written to help everyone see the signs--signs that can lead us to a new, full life. Whether you're the most hardened skeptic or the most ardent fan, join us, expecting to think hard and fresh, as we study our way through the Gospel of John. This is for you.


Everybody has a profile. And our profile is under construction. It's not finished yet.

Our profile is not necessarily what we post on social media, or what we put on our resume. It's who we really are. Or perhaps more to the point, it's who we are truly becoming.

In this sermon series, we're going to take a closer look at a number of Christ-like characteristics worth striving for and being known for.

If, by the grace and power of God, we could somehow pour a little more of these traits into our profile, we would be better people, and the world would be a better place.

Summer Spotlights

Join us on a cross-ministry road trip as we take an inside look at the ministries of Moon Valley. Each week our ministry leaders will share what's happening in their ministry and why it's so important.

Summer Series

Get any group of people together long enough and they will develop a culture. They will develop patterns, traditions, values and goals. 

Church Vision

Life is full of acquired tastes. While some are best left alone, others can be a source of great joy! 

In Spite of Myself

The book of Esther recounts a story that is intriguing. And strange. It's a story that makes preachers squirm. God is never mentioned. Not once. And nobody prays. On the holiness-to-hot-mess continuum, the main character, Esther, is more on the hot mess side. She's a morally questionable beauty contestant who hides her Jewish identity and spends the night with a pagan king to whom she is not married. And when she gets some power, she uses it to exact revenge on her enemies.

In Christian circles, there seems to be a tendency to cast Esther in the mold of a hero, ignoring the questionable material and focusing instead on the more laudable and preachable phrases, like "for such a time as this" or "If I perish, I perish." To be sure, God does use Esther in wonderful, history-making ways, but to be honest, she doesn't quite fit the hero mold. And that's good news for most of us. Because we don't either. Join us as we study through the book of Esther.